Episode 24: Venom

24 Venom

We went to the premiere of Venom! We’ve all seen the trailers…we know what you’re thinking. And it actually wasn’t that bad. We actually had some fun watching this movie! And we know you want to see Tom Hardy sitting in the lobster tank in the middle of a restaurant so get your butt to the movie theatre so we can all discuss this movie together!

Comment below and tell us what you thought of Tom Hardy’s American accent! Also that post credits scene….that wig….what….whyyyy.

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Episode 17: Monthly Movie Draft

It’s our Monthly Movie Draft! We decided it would be more fun to let you listeners in on our decisions on what movies we are watching for the next month and what theme we are choosing. So listen in as we discuss what the theme options are for October and what movies were chosen. We will be releasing a Monthly Movie Draft episode every month from now on so we can all be in this process together!

How it works:

Each of us picked a different theme to go along with the theatrical release for the month, Venom. Then we discussed the merits of each theme. We then assigned a playing card to each of us and chose randomly! Tune in to find out whose theme got chosen.

Aaaaand for October, there are five Mondays so all you listeners out there get to choose the last slot! We are so excited to hear all your suggestions so please email us at slumberpartymovienight@gmail.com or comment on Facebook, Instagram or here! to let us know what movies you think would best pick the theme!

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